• Living in a country with a solar potential of over 2,300,000 MW per Annum, over 30% of Pakistani’s are still without electricity. While many other options for power generation are in the pipeline, solar energy is the only option that can be up and running within a matter of 2-3 months. That combined with the fact that one can have electricity even in the remotest of locations and requires little maintenance makes Solar Energy the way to go to bridge energy shortfall.
    Reon provides energy security and independence via its Solar Solutions.

  • Why Solar

  • Environmental Impact


    Today, we have all the information supporting the negative impact of the green house gases on the global climate change resulting in pledges from leaders across the world to reduce their carbon footprint. The changing climate is not only impacting lives and livelihood of people but is also extremely expensive costing the global economy millions of Dollars.

    Renewable energy technologies like Solar offer clean and pure energy sources that can help mitigate the impending crisis.

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