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  • Reon Energy introduces 'Energy Sale Model'   September 08, 2016   Karachi: Reon Energy Limited has introduced the 'Energy Sale Model' for the business houses looking for avoiding upfront cost and limit their risk, said Chief Executive Officer Inam-ur-Rahman. He said the energy sale model is a financial agreement where the developer arranges for the design, financing, and installing [...]

    Golf Club joins Reon’s revolution   July 26, 2016   KARACHI: Reon Energy Limited announced its latest project at Karachi Golf Club, Karsaz, Karachi, a statement said. The solar energy system with a capacity of 400.5kW would offer numerous in savings and an annual expected carbon reduction of 190 tonnes, it said. “This is one of the pioneering initiatives by the club’s [...]

    Coca-Cola, Reon develop 65kWp solar power project   September 26, 2016   KARACHI: Reon Energy Limited recently began work at the site of the CocaCola Export Corporation (TCCEC) for the installation of a 65.340 kWp solar power plant, said a statement the alternative energy firm issued here. The on-grid solar plant guarantees a minimum annual production of 86MWh, whilst reducing [...]

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