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Share with:  Reon Energy, with its 1.86 MW project, completed the first SBP Category 3 Financing project in May this year. This marks a milestone for Sustainable financing in Pakistan.

Share with:  Mujtaba Haider Khan is the CEO for Reon Energy Limited, the largest industrial solar solutions provider in Pakistan. Reon is a part of Dawood Hercules Group. Mujtaba took

Share with:  The government should arrange bank financing for users to install solar power plants at residential, commercial and industrial level, suggested CEO Reon Energy Inam-ur-Rahman, here on Monday. Talking

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    Share with:  Solar panels work on optimum productivity on clear days with abundant sunshine. But, do solar panels work in cloudy weather? Yes… just not quite as well on a

    Share with:  Shading analysis is one of the most important steps taken before installation of the solar panels. With solar panels, it is important to take into account the objects

    Share with:  1. How do solar panels actually work? Solar panels are made of highly excitable, conductive materials. When the sun’s rays hit the solar panels, the reaction creates direct

    Share with:  If you are planning to go solar and you do not have a lot of space on ground to install solar panels, you can turn your roof into

    Share with:  Solar energy works by converting the sun’s energy into electricity that can be used to power your residential or commercial appliances. But how does this happen? Read ahead

    Share with:  The State Bank of Pakistan, in light of the global initiative to reduce the impact of climate change has been taking a few steps. One of these includes

    Share with:  Going solar not only saves up a substantial chunk of your energy bills but is also the biggest step any organization can take at being more environmentally conscious.

    Share with:  In continuation with the “buying vs leasing” debate, the second financing option is a ‘solar lease model.’ On paper, for many organizations solar leasing sounds quite lucrative as

    Share with:  Photovoltaic modules can be installed practically anywhere that gets direct sunshine for most of the day and is not obstructed by buildings or trees that would cause shadows.

    Share with:  Mounting structures, made of steel or aluminum, support PV modules on the ground or roof and allow modules to be mounted at a precise tilt angle to receive

    Share with:  Every site is completely different; hence the cleaning frequency varies from one site to the other. The five essential factors that affect the cleaning schedule include your location

    Share with:  Dayab HussainManager Special Projects I am excited to share some of my experiences from my visit to Intersolar Europe. June 20th, 2018: Intersolar Europe had just commenced at

    Share with:  Solar Energy generation is gradually gaining popularity in Pakistan as more individuals begin to realize the benefits that renewable energy has to offer. But while the concept of

    Share with:  How big should a solar plant be? How many solar panels do I need for a 3-acre space? Such questions often arise when industries decide to go solar.

    Share with:  Abdul Rab ShaikhSales Engineer, Reon Energy Limited Intersolar Europe 2019 was held in Munich, Germany from 15th to 17th May. Intersolar is the largest PV Solar Exhibition in

    Share with:  In order to increase investor confidence and long-term viability of solar systems, establishing best practices for PV system installations and operations is paramount. This is where the role

    Share with:  Asset Performance Management (APM) maximizes yield and cost efficiencies by reducing unplanned downtime, increasing asset availability, minimizing maintenance costs, reducing asset failures while ensuring compliance to Health, Safety,

    Share with:  The risk is real during Covid! Reon while doing its upmost to keep all its’ sites operational wherever it’s practical to do so, has published guidance to ensure

    Share with:  Your Solar Plant investment is designed to create cost and energy efficiencies for you, so ensuring that they outstrip their potential is essential. The Reon SPARK application is

    Share with:  When choosing the best battery option for solar and storage in Commercial and Industrial solutions, there are a few important factors to consider. Let’s evaluate each in detail: