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Increase profits by up to 30%

Electricity cost is a sizable portion of the operational expenditure for commercial and industrial operations. Any power outages, voltage fluctuations, fuel transfer cost, or hike in prices could be a significant hit to the profits.

Solar offers energy security and independence to businesses. Whilst also reducing costs, hedging against market fuel price volatility, and reducing dependence on imported fuels.

Reon offers customized solutions for all your energy needs. Having successfully executed solar projects across Pakistan with project sizes ranging between 50kW to 2MW, our solar solutions can be set up in less than 3 months. Our definite edge lies in our expert know-how of, and access to, the most cutting edge top tier technology.

Flexible Financing Solutions

Reon offers flexible financing options including Ownership and Leasing to make solar accessible to industrial and commercial consumers alike. Read more...

Monitoring and Maintenance

Reon offers remote monitoring of the installed solutions 24/7 through Reon’s Smart Energy Manager accessible through both mobile and desktop devices. Read more...We have a dedicated team to meet your energy needs that take cares of any repairs that might arise under extreme weather conditions.

Health Safety and Environmental Stewardship

Our HSE practices are not just a manual but a daily practice. We are ISO 14001: EMS certified and are geared towards ISO 9001: EMS.

Enjoy seamless and affordable energy for the next 25 years.


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