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Our Solutions

Reon Energy offers dependable energy supply even in the remotest of locations. By reducing diesel consumption, as well as other costs associated with transportation of diesel to the site, our solutions provide economically viable means to meet your energy demands in an increasingly competitive business world. Even in areas with a stable grid supply, our solar solutions provide a more financially appealing energy alternative.

Reon offers customized solutions to reduce the Opex on Telecom sites in a 3-phase process.

Phase I: Technical Site Survey

  • Assess the conditions of the site and determine the possibility of solar installations at site.
  • Perform a current state assessment of site load and existing installed equipment to determine the perfect solution size.
  • Define the scope of work required at the site and any other changes required to maximize the benefit of solar and reducing the overall Opex for Operator.

Phase II: Project Implementation

  • Designing of layouts.
  • Complete civil works at site including development of extended areas, construction of foundations for structures and demolition and construction of boundary walls Complete mechanical work from installation of mounting structures to installation of panels.

Phase III: Site Handover

  • Connecting of solar panels and equipment to the existing site infrastructure.
  • Operational support for customers related to solar equipment to recover from any problems.
  • Warranty of solar equipment up to 25 years.

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