bestway Cement

Project highlights
client: Bestway Cement Limited
Location: Farooqia & Hattar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; Kallar Kahar & Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan
sector: Cement
solar power project: 56 MW
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Bestway Cement heavily relied on grid and other energy resources, which led to volatility in operational and production costs due to increasing energy tariffs.

Bestway hence installed a 56 MW solar energy project across 4 locations i.e., Farooqia, Kallar Kahar, Chakwal and Hattar and achieved a levelized cost PKR 8/Unit leading to 40% savings vs. on grid. The output energy will be used on-site resulting in substantial savings for the company in energy cost and will significantly reduce the company’s reliance on the national grid.

The deal between Bestway and Reon is the largest distributed energy project in the region to date.


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