Kohinoor Textile Mills

Project highlights
client: Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited
location: Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan
sector: Textile
solar power project: 5.3 MW
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Power accounts for more than 10% of cost of textile manufacturing. Also, increasing energy tariffs, grid reliability issues and outages further increase the cost of production and affects export competitiveness. Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited (KTML), Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated textile company, partnered with Reon for a 1 MW Project in 2017 at KTML, Rawalpindi. The pilot’s success in cost and carbon footprint reduction led to 3 successive projects  Solar Power Projecttotalling to 5.3 MW.

The plants generate an approximate 7.7 GHW of energy annually and offset carbon by 4999 tonnes. KTML’s captive Solar Plant is creating roughly 30% savings in energy.


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