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Dada Dairy

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Pakistan’s dairy industry in the recent times has faced increasing energy tariffs as well as prolonged power outages. On average, a dairy farm’s energy load is around 500-600 KW in the summer season – a major chunk of which is consumed by the cooling fans. In winters, the energy load of dairy farms goes down to around 200-300 kW. In case of a power disruption, the genset kicks in to keep the farm running.

Dada Dairies, one of the pioneers in sustainable dairy farming, converted to renewables to reduce their energy costs by up to 15% and secure an uninterrupted energy supply.


Dada Dairies partnered with Reon in 2018 for a 600kW solar plant that would offset around 812,000 KWH/Annum of its total energy requirement. The pilot project proved successful and won Reon a successive project of 400 kW on the same site. The project uses net-metering to avail utility bill credits in case of excess.

Installation and Operation

The terrain proved to be quite challenging for installing structures. Hence, after a detailed topographic survey and soil testing analysis, civil blocks were constructed in certain areas to ensure longevity. Moreover, hot-dip galvanized structures were used to avoid rusting.

Solar Financing

Dada opted for SBP’s Green Financing scheme to fund their Solar PV investment. The best part about this scheme is that the borrowing is available at a fixed rate instead of being indexed against interbank offer rate.

The 1MW Solar PV Plant allowed Dada Dairies to hedge their energy rates for the next 25 years which otherwise are at the mercy of rising oil and gas prices and the US dollar.

Location: Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan
Project Type: Two consecutive on-grid projects for the Dada Dairies
Size(kW): 1 MW
Annual Energy Generation (kWh): 1,372,000 KWH
Annual Co2 Reduction (Tonnes): 11,377 tonnes
Jobs Created: 30

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