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Cement production is an extremely energy exhaustive process which consumes 110-120 kWh of electricity per ton of cement. Fuel and electricity combined make up 74% of all the expenditures incurred on cement production.

Fauji Cement Company Ltd. (FCCL) hence partnered with Reon Energy to set-up a captive 12.5 MW Solar PV plant for their cement production facility. This is the first Solar Plant in Pakistan to be certified by DNVGL. DNVGL is an international independent accreditation institution for Solar Photovoltaic Plants.

The FCCL Solar field is divided into chunks of 2.5 MW each from which the power is evacuated into the grid at 6.3 kva. The plant created 413 semi-skilled jobs from the local community and 137 skilled jobs during the project construction.

Design and Execution

The 50-acre area required one month of intensive labor to secure the site boundaries.  Various baseline assessment, topographic surveys, and geology and soil surveys were applied to ensure frictionless design and execution over a severely rugged ground. Strict Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies were applied to mitigate safety hazards; and a medical support camp, ambulances for emergencies, water provision and rest camps at every few kilometers were set-up to manage the welfare of the workforce.

Research and Development (R&D) Testing Station

An R&D testing station of 26 kW has been deployed at the site to test 2 different combinations of mounting structures against 3 types of modules. The findings of which are now being applied to maximize yield, space and cost efficiencies.

The project was successfully delivered in 6 months after the Final Investment Decision (FID). This is the largest private distributed Solar Captive Power Plant (CPP), for Pakistan.  The annual energy production is around a 19,360,000 kWh that is equal to 484,000 number of trees planted.

Location: Fateh Jang, Attock District, Punjab, Pakistan
Project Type: Pakistan’s largest distributed Solar Captive Power Plant  
Size(kW): 12,500 kW
Annual Energy Generation (kWh): 19,360,000 kWh
Annual Co2 Reduction (Tonnes): 11906.4 tonnes
Jobs Created: 550

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