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Karachi Golf Club

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Karachi Golf Club

The Objective

Karachi Golf Club (KGC) converted to solar to maximize its profits and minimize its operational expenses.

The Design

For KGC, a 400 kW solar energy system was custom designed keeping in mind the 270 acres of grass and the high energy costs due to the extensive irrigation system. We at Reon Energy offered, delivered and expeditated a design completely unique to them that would support the pumps and motors essential for the irrigation system.


Our advantage lies in having access to state of the art technology and equipment. More so, all Reon suppliers undergo a strict vendor qualification process to maintain Tier-1 quality

‘There were other equally qualified companies in Pakistan but competitively, Reon came out ahead of them in terms of its experience in similar large-scale projects’

Javed Akhtar, Renewable Energy Consultant, Karachi Golf Club.


KGC has been a few firsts for us in terms of the unique requirements of the project. A transformer shed installation took place in the ground mount system to bring it up to 11 KV.

Thereby, making us the first company to have executed solar on high voltage. Additionally, a strict and professional compliance of the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) guidelines was undertaken to help insulate the process against any safety hazards.

‘I would say it is 10/10; operations were taken professionally’

Majid Satti, Hon. Secretary, Karachi Golf Club.

Monitoring and Trouble Shooting

Our Real-Time Monitoring System on the client’s device allows for a round the clock monitoring of the solar system and its performance. Moreover, it also allows for trouble shooting any issues in real time. Lastly, the smart meter helps prevent the overflow of any surplus power that might be produced.

Therefore, going solar for KGC has been a project with the best returns in the last few years.

Location: Karachi
Type of System: On-Grid
Size(kW): 400.5
Annual Energy Generation (kWh): 611,000
Annual Co2 Reduction (Tonnes): 190

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