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Kohinoor Textile Mills Ltd.

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The Objective

KTML’s decision to invest in Reon Solar has primarily been need driven. Textile sector is heavily reliant on energy for spinning, weaving and processing activities, however Pakistan’s textile sector is losing its competitiveness by consuming expensive energy.

KTML by going solar has not only ensured cost and carbon savings but has also hedged itself against any future fuel prices hikes.

Solar Financing

KTML, through Reon’s financial advisory availed SBP Solar Financing for its solar power plant. Based on KTML’s requirements, a tailored proposal was prepared ensuring not only the use of top-tier technology and equipment, but also that KTML as a client received an optimum return on their energy investment.


Our expertise lies in our ability to understand and cater to each business situation differently. For KTML, it was our specialist knowhow on understanding how to design for and use such a large expanse of land strategically.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policies

We realized Zero Lost Time Incident(LTI) by employing our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards. Our HSE experts first performed a Soil Test led by a Pile Pull-out Test to ensure that the ground offered a solid foundation for our structure designs. More so, a Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) audit was also conducted to insulate the process against any safety hazards.

Monitoring and Commercial Handover

We performed a Performance Ratio Test and a Site Acceptance Test to ensure smooth performance and if need be to administer trouble shooting before the commercial handover.

Henceforth, with a solar solution in place KTML now enjoys the “power of going solar” through its cost and operational efficiencies.

Location: Rawalpindi
Type of System: On-Grid
Size(kW): 1000
Annual Energy Generation (kWh): 1,430,000
Annual Co2 Reduction (Tonnes): 970

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