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The Objective

TCF HUBCO collaborated with Reon Energy for the installation of an off-grid system to generate its own free electricity for its educational facility.

Design and Procurement

For TCF HUBCO, our technical and commercial specialists delivered a design that would not only give them operational efficiency but also an optimum return on investment. Additionally, the design has been done so to store energy for night time use.

The use of top-tier technology and equipment keeps the system running under all weather conditions. Wasi-ud-din, Technical Officer, TCF HUBCO said,

“The environment at this school is now stress-free. The entire purpose of this installation was to make free electricity available to the school. Reon’s Solar System has saved us a great amount of time and resources. Teachers can now conduct sessions as per their schedule.”

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policies

Our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) guidelines ensure the perfect execution of design. A Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) audit was conducted to insulate the process against any safety hazards.

Successful Completion and Handover

TCF HUBCO, came to a successful completion and handover in a month’s time. The off-grid solar system powers an entire school and its laboratories. Above all, it helps in facilitating a quality education by allowing the school to obtain uninterrupted power.

The decision of going solar has left everyone in high spirts. Zubaida Abdul Jabbar, Principal, TCF HUBCO’s said,

“Reon’s Solar Solution has saved us a lot of time. All the students and teachers can now conduct their sessions and school activities with ease.”

Location: Hub
Type of System: Off-Grid
Size(kW): 8.20
Annual Energy Generation (kWh): 65

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