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Unilever Pakistan Ltd.

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Unilever Pakistan Ltd. Unilever Pakistan Ltd. Unilever Pakistan Ltd.
Unilever Pakistan Ltd.
Unilever Pakistan Ltd.
Unilever Pakistan Ltd.

The Objective

To implement its Green Solar Energy leadership vision, Unilever partnered with Reon for a 30kW pilot project.
The evaluation proved the pilot to be successful in carbon footprint reduction, hence making Reon a partner of choice for 4 consecutive projects.

The Design

A tailor-made technical and commercial proposal was designed to deliver on the objectives outlined by the client. Our specialists expertly engineered the energy strategy and design to deliver an optimum return on investment.


A definite edge lies in our expert knowhow of, and access to, the most cutting edge top tier technology.
We are committed to deliver greater value to our customer than any other market player. To ensure this we have made FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) mandatory for all our suppliers.


Our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) guidelines ensure that the execution mirrors the design to perfection. Our HSE experts performed a Roof Load Bearing test and Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) to insulate the process against any safety hazards.
In addition to our internal guidelines, the technical team delivered on all Unilever safety protocols at every step from material loading, cabling, electric engineering to testing.

Monitoring and Trouble Shooting

Our real time remote monitoring system allows our team to monitor the system around the clock and administer immediate trouble shooting. It also acts as a performance monitoring tool accessible to the client on their electronic devices.

Successful Completion

With the solar solutions in place, 30 % of peak load at project sites is catered by Reon solar. This translates to cost and operational efficiencies for the client.
We look forward to many more success stories with Unilever.

Location: Karachi, Lahore, Khanewal,
Type of System: On-Grid
Size(kW): 100, 40, 130.68, 200.07
Annual Energy Generation (kWh): 692,653
Annual Co2 Reduction (Tonnes): 388.6

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