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Wah Nobel Ltd

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Wah Nobel Ltd.

The Objective

Wah Nobel’s commitment towards energy self-sufficiency led to their successive partnership with Reon Energy.  Wah Nobel collaborated with Reon on a 125 kW solar power project  followed by successive 1MW solar PV plant  at Wah Nobel Chemicals Ltd. Wah and Reon have also partnered on solar projects for Wah Medical College and POF Wah Jinnah Park.


Our specialists delivered designs that would reflect their commitment towards innovative green technologies yet, at the same time offer them an optimum return on investment.

Furthermore, the on-grid solar power systems have a modular design and are designed for an easy integration with the existing energy infrastructure.


Our edge lies in our access to the state-of-art technology and our unmatched expertise in design, deployment, and installation of larger scale projects. A ‘Soil Investigation Survey’ was initially performed to ensure that the ground offered a solid foundation for our structure designs. Additionally, a Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) audit was conducted, followed by a strict compliance of the Health, Safety and Environmental Guidelines (HSE) to insulate the process against any safety hazards.

‘We trust and acknowledge the Reon Energy solutions capabilities in the field of renewable energy technology.’

Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister for Defence Production.

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

For sound maintenance of the systems, the projects are enriched with ‘PV-Solar Grid’ and ‘Remote Monitoring’ capabilities. The Reon Smart Energy Dashboard tracks your production on the go and sends alerts in case of a drop.

Successful Completion

Wah Nobel Ltd. is playing its part in strengthening Pakistan’s energy infrastructure and ensuring a step towards a sustainable future.

‘The project will be a catalyst for industrial and corporate sector to tap solar power potential. It will prove to be a landmark in the history of captive solar projects.’

Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister for Defence Production.

Location: Wah Cantt.
Type of System: On-Grid
Size(kW): 1,125.01
Annual Energy Generation (kWh): 1,675,000
Annual Co2 Reduction (Tonnes): 1085

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