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research & development

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Research and Development at Reon includes PV engineering, new materials, measurement, performance reliability and market research and analysis

From Lab to Market:
Examples of R&D sites

26.6 kW

Ground mounted system

Punjab, Pakistan
To determine the energy generation of various modules (polycrystalline, monocrystalline) against the type of technology (bifacial, single-axis tracker)

Considering Using polycrystalline as a benchmark, the results are as follows:
1. 5 % greater production with monocrystalline panels
2. Bifacial panels with factors applied offer a production gain of around 14%
3- Single-axis tracker with polycrystalline panels deliver a 12% gain in production


Roof top mounted system

Sindh, Pakistan
To determine the performance of bifacial modules on roof top and the appropriate structure

Gained roughly 8 % i.e., 2000 kWh annually, increase in production as compared to MonoPERC panels and achieved at Albedo of 35%

Weather stations development

10-sites across Pakistan
Lack of data reliability of weather stations from Inverter OEM due to lack of adherence to IEC standards
Customized weather stations in-house by using sensors as per IEC standards to get reliable data.

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