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  • Product

    Our vision is to offer energy independence and security. We have exceptional expertise in project sizes ranging from 50kW to 2MW.
  • Financing

    We realize that energy costs are an OpEx problem and for many of our customers and thus must be solved through an OpEx solution. Alternatively, we also offer project financial analysis and solutions, for customers aiming to reap benefits sooner rather than later.
  • Sustainability

    Global warming in the recent years has severely affected the weather patterns resulting in flooding, heat waves, droughts and much more. The damaging effects of global warming is not only impacting lives and livelihood of people, but is also costing the global economy billions of dollars.
  • Innovations and research

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  • Site Survey

    A site survey is conducted to collect information about local conditions before submission of a final proposal. Following aspects are analyzed during a survey: 1. A suitable location for the solar panels, including but not limited to roof space, condition of rooftop, safety, installation or maintenance concerns. 2. Shadow analysis i.e. any shaded areas on the rooftop that might affect the PV array production efficiency. 3. Location of system components i.e. inverter, AC Distribution box, DC Combiner box, batteries if required. 4. Energy needs of the business. A detailed load pattern sheet is required for this purpose. 5. Process of PV system connection to the existing electrical system. 6. Any other factors impacting system price and performance.
  • Design

    Capitalizing on our teams expertise to design the most efficient and reliable solar solution
  • Project Execution

    Technical implementation and construction of the project.
  • Testing and Inspection

    Monitoring of all processes, ensuring that all components of material, equipment and overall solution are as per the agreed upon design.
  • Handover / Commercial Operation

    The official initiation of the project, after all testing has been completed.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance

    Regular maintenance of the installed system along with system performance reports.

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