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We realize that energy costs are an OpEx problem for many of our customers and thus must be solved through an OpEx solution. We also offer alternative project financing solutions, for customers aiming to reap benefits sooner rather than later. Our financing experts will conduct a financial feasibility study and help you understand the various options and associated benefits available to you.

Our feasibility report includes:

  • Proprietary energy price projections
  • Optimal capital structure recommendations
  • Investment returns analysis for capital and debt structures
  • Sensitivity analysis for risk reduction

We conduct financial due diligence in every aspect of the project including technical, infrastructural and financial feasibility.


Flexible Financing Options

  1. Ownership
    • Includes upfront payment for the solar solution
    • Savings over the life of the asset
    • Energy bill reduction for daytime consumption
  2. Leasing
    • No upfront capital expenditure required, an operational expenditure solution to an operational expenditure problem
    • Hedge against any hike in future energy costs

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