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We have exceptional expertise in project sizes ranging from 50kW to 2MW. Our vision is to make industries energy independent and secure.

We strongly believe in constant innovation, so we can continue to provide energy solutions that offer bankable returns on your energy investment.

The Reon Smart Energy Manager is a powerful energy monitoring platform, that provides detailed information about the key metrics of the solar solution. This platform is an integral part of our product offering and it helps ensuring optimal performance from the solar solution, while providing insightful data and analytics about the system.

Our Energy Efficiency Consultants help you execute energy demand management for your business, ensuring your facility is maximizing its energy efficiency.



At Reon, all our processes are fine-tuned around delivering the highest value to our customers.
Our rigorous Vendor Qualification Programme help us source top tier products that outperform the industry 25-year standard. We provide a performance guarantee on all our products.

Approved Vendors


Health, Safety & Environment(HSE) Management

Our Health, Safety, & Environment(HSE) is not just a manual but a daily practice. We are ISO 14001 certified and are geared towards OHSAS 18001.

Our Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis(HIRA) mechanism ensures HSE compliance in design and construction, operation and maintenance, crisis and emergency management, people training and behaviours, working with third party contractors, incident analysis and prevention and community awareness and stakeholder management.

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