Your Solar Plant investment is designed to create cost and energy efficiencies for you, so ensuring that they outstrip their potential is essential. The Reon SPARK application is a remote energy monitoring system that allows you to keep an eye on your plant, notifies you in case the output wavers, and helps you optimize your system performance.

SPARK offers a multi-infrastructure monitoring solution that includes your Solar PV plant, inverters, rectifiers, battery and generators. Its IOS and Android compatibility further allows you to keep a track on your plant performance from anywhere in the world.

How does SPARK remote monitoring work?

SPARK’s portfolio-wide and site-level visualization not only predicts the future performance of your system but can instantaneously produce a ticket in case of a fault.

The alarm detection activated at the NOC level is then used to deploy an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Team on-site to resolve the issue.

NOCs (Network Operations Center) are centrally located 24/7 support teams that work with Reon’s in-house crew to reduce resolution times and enhance customer experience.

How do I evaluate my site performance using SPARK?

Other than the individually configured live data for your devices, SPARK allows you;

  1. Analysis of key metrices based on your business performance objectives
  2. Historical trend reporting to;
    • Monitor, and assess plant infrastructure below or over the given targets
    • Track changes in forecasted energy numbers

SPARK is essential to ensure that your system is running at its optimum potential. With immediate fault detection and real-time performance reports, SPARK allows you to maximize your Solar PV plant’s Return on Investment (ROI). Reon has currently deployed its SPARK RMS tool across 40 MW plus sites nationwide in the commercial and industrial sector and 350 kW plus sites in the telecom energy sector.