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Our solutions provide economically viable means to meet your energy demands in an increasingly competitive business world. Reon offers customized solutions to reduce the operational expenditure on Telecom sites in a simple 6-phase process with a warranty of 25 years.

We provide two kinds of solutions for Telecom:

Data Center Solar Solution

Reon’s on-grid solutions are ideal for high capacity locations with critical load and limited surface area.

Our on-grid solar solutions reduces consumption from grid sources, and allows for fuel savings during daylight hours.

BTS Solar Solution

Base stations are often located in far-fetched areas and have small independent loads. With Reon’s solar energy solutions, telecom players can tackle with grid outages and decrease their high operational expenditures due to a large number of individual sites.

Reon offers both on-grid and off-grid solutions for these telecom stations.

  • Turn-key solution: Complete solar solution.
  • Customized solution: Integrated with the client’s power architecture.

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